The Fia Festival for 2009 was held October 16-19 at Bio Rio and Kulturhuset in Stockholm. We screened short films from over 20 countries with a special focus on korean animation (in collaboration with the East Asian Museum in Stockholm).

Read more about what went on during the festival in the program 2009 and see a list of the selected films 2009.

Thank you to all the filmmakers, lecturers and guests who made it possible!

The jury decided to award two films this year: Mutant Season (Jimmy Audoin & Delphine Chauvet, 2009) and I Am So Proud of You (Don Hertzfeldt, 2008).

Both prizes are equally important, but awarded for different reasons. Mutant Season builds a world of its own where all shapes and forms, plants and creatures follow the films own logic. The film impresses with its beautiful design and technique and makes you want to see more. I Am So Proud of You gets awarded for its efficent storytelling. The film uses traditional 2D animation with paper and pencil as its most important tools, mixed with photography and film footage.

The jury consisted of Malin Erixon, Jessica Laurén, Nils Claesson och Mattias Waldén. --- Stockholm den 18 oktober 2009